Robert Andelman

Since high school graduation, I have gone through college, medical school, and anesthesia training. I have two children (Erik, age 39, Kirsten, 38) from my first marriage, and one child (Steve, age 26) from my current marriage. My two grandchildren are Jessica, 6, and Ezra, 3. I have lived in Portsmouth, N.H. since 1979, and although I return to Boston to see family, I have never regretted leaving. I have practiced anesthesia in Portsmouth, continue to like what I do, and am currently working half time (no night and weekend call for the past year.) I plan to work part-time at least another year.

My hobbies include biking, working out at the gym, Little League umpiring, and serving on the N.H. Board of Medicine. Since those hobbies are not very extensive, stopping working in the future will be a challenge!

I am stunned by the deaths of some of our classmates, as I remember them vividly, as if it were yesterday. As a matter of fact, it seems like high school was just a few years ago!

I look back fondly on growing up in Belmont, even though life was simpler, and we were naive! School, sports, my friends, and the Temple all made up a rich and, for me, an almost idyllic existence.

Regrets: I wish I hadn't quit baseball as a senior. I wish I had taken a year or two between high school and college. I wish I had gone to a smaller college where I didn't feel like I was barely keeping my nose above water to get by. I wish I could talk now to my parents and other adults who were in my life then about what life was like during that time for them.

Virginia Austin Watkins

Born-schooled in Belmont-graduated from Belmont High-graduated from Mt. Holyoke College- worked- went to grad school and graduated with an M.S.Ed from Wheelock College-worked-got married-had three daughters-worked-got divorced- retrained in Special Education-worked-health problems-worked halftime- retired in 2011-still tutor kids with special learning needs-still enjoy my three daughters-still planning to fight my genetic lung condition-still planning to have more fun!

James Barron

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Hard to capsulize 50 years. What feels most important right now is that sometime over the next two weeks I will become a grandfather for the first time when Mia, my daughter from my first marriage, gives birth to her daughter. My wife Marcy is a teacher, and we have two sons Jesse, 25, and Alex 21. I'm continuing to work as a clinical psychologist/psychoanalyst.

Jan Beauvais

After graduating from BHS I attended Bates College earning a BS degree in 1966. I went to work for a high tech manufacturing startup, where I learned all aspects of running a manufacturing business. I joined the army Reserves at that time, and served until 1973.

In 1967 I married Linda Rosen, BHS class of ’64. In 1969 we had a son, Shawn and moved to Amherst, NH. I built the house we lived in there. It was a rewarding experience that I will always remember. In 1978 Linda and I divorced.

That same year I met my current wife Christine Barron of Clifton, NJ. We married in 1984. I went back to school 1981 and earned my Masters Degree at Antioch University.

In 1983 I was hired by Sanders Associates where I spent 7 years as a manufacturing manager. During that time Chris and I lived in our home in Litchfield, NH, where we developed and tended large vegetable and flower gardens. In 1985 our dear daughter, Stephanie, was born. Being a little older and wiser, bringing up Stephanie was a highlight of our lives, and definitely the best part of my life.

In 1990, I started my own business, Secondwind Water Systems, with my business partner Christine Fletcher. Owning my own business was always my dream, and it finally came true. Today Secondwind is listed in the top 200 privately held companies in NH, and is the leading water treatment company in New England. I have a full, rewarding life and am looking forward to renewing old BHS acquaintances

Dianne Beebe Barske

It’s been 37 years now, since my husband Elliott and I moved to Alaska, and every day continues to be an adventure. I’m still working as both a writer and artist, and there is inspiration everywhere. My favorite contracts have been focused on rural or village Alaska and the Native peoples there. I’ve illustrated a lot of health-related materials, using my village travels to create images that look like those areas. I still jump at opportunities to provide art experiences for children, locally and in the Bush. Appropriately, I suppose, I write a column for a monthly Alaska publication called Senior Voice, features about older Alaskans still active and doing good. Elliott and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary this August on the Prairie Home Companion Cruise with Garrison Keillor (of NPR fame), to Spain and Portugal. (Pinch me. Every time I mention this, I think I am talking about someone else!) We have three grown children (good ones!) and two grandchildren. We fly a lot to visit family, with sons in Denver and Seattle, and extended family still on the east coast. Our daughter, an adolescent psychiatric nurse, lives here in Anchorage.

Marjorie Bernstein Schaffer

I can't believe it has been 50 years! After graduating from high school I married andmoved to Newark, NJ. I worked in customer relations at a financial firm. After my husband graduated from The School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University I moved to Somerville, NJ. In 1963, I had my first daughter Susan. In 1967, I had my second daughter Robin. In 1980, I graduated Tulane University with a dual major in Speech Therapy and Special Education. I then continued on to earn my Masters in Speech Pathology. In NJ I worked as a Speech Pathologist and a high school Special Education Teacher. In 1986, I divorced and remarried in 1988. I then relocated to York, PA. There, I continued to work as a high school teacher. I taught adolescents who were learning disabled. I retired in 2004. During the summers, my husbandDaryl and I traveled extensively throughout Europe, South Pacific as far as Bora Bora, Australia and the USA. I have several hobbies which include: gourmet cooking, raising orchids, vigorously participating at the gym, dancing, reading and travelling. I also volunteer in various organizations which include: Temple Beth Israel, American Association of University Women, and the Jewish Community Center. I greatly treasure the time I spend with my husband, children and my ten grandchildren ranging in ages from eight to twenty-two. They are truly the greatest pleasures I have in my life.

Bernard Blanchette

Married for forty-four years to Ginny (Sliney) Blanchette. We have three married children and seven grandchildren. We have lived between Belmont and Waltham since high school. I have been retired for the last ten years after working for the Belmont Police Department for thirty-nine years, where I retired as aLieutenant. We currently live in Waltham, MA and spend as much time as we can enjoying the warm weather in Naples, FL.

Gerard Boyle

Judith Bramlett Draper-Cocuzzo

I have one daughter who lives in Hawaii and 1 son whohas recently moved to Texas. I am the proud grandmother of four grandsons, 18 months, 5, 10 and 13 years. My three oldest grandsons reside in NH close to me and I spend a great deal of time with them. My husband died in 1996 after a battle with bone cancer. As for my professional life, I am currently not working but for the past 24 years I worked in the travel industry; 14 years at GenRad Inc of Concord MA as its corporate travel and meetings manager and the following 10 yearsat ABC Global Services as a service provider of services to travel managers and agencies. In these positions I traveled extensively and enjoyed every moment. Someone once said to make your hobby your career and I took that to heart, doing so, making my love of travel and people into the jobs I had.I subscribe to PAYING IT FORWARD and have volunteered for Victims Inc. in NH where I was an advocate for those experiencing an untimely death of a loved one and currently as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) where I assist a child who has been taken from his/her family due to abuse and/or neglect accusations, working with the child as its advocate and with the family to recommend what is in the best interest of the child. Both of these volunteer opportunities have been a proud part of my life knowing that I was able to assist those in their time of need.

Robert Boyajian

*Retired; living in Santa Clara, CA *BS in Finance from BU; JD from Suffolk *30 years in Corp. Finance at Raytheon and Gillette *6 years TSA Security Supervisor/Trainer *Divorced-no children *Colon cancer survivor

Wayne Burton

After BHS, I graduated from Bowdoin. I served in Vietnam and have degrees from the University of New Hampshire and Vanderbilt University.My professional career has been in education. I served in various administrative capacities at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), finishing as Assistant Dean of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics, and then was Dean of the School of Business at Salem State. Since 2000, I have been president of North Shore Community College. have also served two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. I presently serve gubernatorial appointments to the Massachusetts Special Commission Relative to Autism; Governor’s Small Business Roundtable; and the Economic Development and Planning Council on which he serves as co-leader of the Sub- Committee on Advancing Education and Workforce Development.On a personal level, Elizabeth (Morgan) Burton (UNH) and I will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary this year and have three children [Jefferey (Bowdoin), Abigail (UNH), and Peter (UVM)] and two grandsons (Jefferey and Colin). Like many of my classmates I'm sure who have or are contemplating retirement, I'm having a hard time with that decision as I love my work and don't want to depart the field unless I have something meaningful to replace it.

Julie Calvert Hill

In retrospect, it’s shocking how little I knew in 1962. Myvolunteer work at McLean’s during that year suggested a whole world out there beyond school and family. Who knew? Since 1962 I’ve been exploring, studying, teaching, parenting, and volunteering.After 2 years in Pittsburgh I moved to Berkeley (1964-1970). As in Pittsburgh, I did voter registration and tutoring in low income neighborhoods (sometimes with Paula Mysell Evans)-- only there were thousands of fellow volunteers in Berkeley. I loved living in Berkeley. I took classes and worked half-time at a preschool for autistic children, and later in a Xerox store owned by Judy (Judith)Sawyer! Judy and I went to Europe one summer. I shared an apartment with Karen Smith! When I graduated, I worked in the university as an undergraduate advisor, one of my favorite jobs ever. Somewhere in there I got married, not my best decision.I worked at the University in Hawaii for 2 years as a chairman’s assistant, took graduate classes and volunteered at the zoo observing gorillas. That was fun. Living in Honolulu was fantastic, especially snorkeling after work. Being a “haole” (white) in a primarily Asian culture for 2 years was a learning experience.I went to graduate school at UCLA in anthropology, remarried, gave birth to Sarah (now 27), did fieldwork on gorillas in Cameroon, wrote a dissertation (eww!), taught college anthropology classes, got a teaching credential, taught inner-city 3rd grade for several years, volunteered tutoring children living in shelters and also at Sarah’s elementary school. My husband died. I moved to Bainbridge where I have been for 9 years. I live in the woods on a bay among: basset hounds, blue heron, kingfishers, otters, seals, Deer, boaters, bald eagles. I gawk at the water, sky, woods, garden, critters and smile. I’m in charge of the book department at the Children’s Hospital thrift store here. I love this job. Here I have also seen, Willa Dawson, Eleanor Rogers and Lisa H., our compatriots from JB.

Robert Cappello

In 1965, Uncle Sam asked [told] me that he would like two years of my life. One day I met a physical therapist. He was to strengthen a serious tear in my hamstring. When hefinished his duty I had two ruptured discs in my lower spine, two operations, and two and a half years later I was up walking. I spent twenty- eight years (including military time) in the pharmaceutical business. At age forty-five, I started my own pharmaceutical company which bought and sold Rx items around the world. I retired at forty-nine and a half as business was beyond lucrative. The past nineteen odd years have been spent following my camera around the world. Life has been good, and then some.Three children, all boys, two adopted, one wife [past tense], who traded me in for a female (who knew?), two grandchildren (boys).

Albert Capraro

Married to Betsy Jason.We have two sons, Geoffrey, an ER pediatrician and Peter, a VP of computer security at Bank of America. Geoff is married to Summer and has one son Oscar. Peter is married to Kerrie and has three sons Quinn, Cameron and Reilly. Our grandsons range in age from six to twelve. Betsy and I owned six Dunkin’ Donut franchises and we retired. We live in Falmouth most of the year and spend a good deal of time in Naples, Florida.

Judith Carey Friar

I taught fourth grade for thirty-eight years and retired in 2008. I am living in Westport, MA, with my husband Ronald. We have been married for forty-seven years. We have one son, Michael. He and his wife Maria along with our two grandsons, Nicholas -a junior at Northwestern University in Chicago-and Jacob -a senior in High School, also live in Westport.

William Carp

I went to Babson College after BHS and graduated in 1965. In 1967 I left for St. Louis, MO where I married, and had two boys- Jeff and David. Spent the next twenty years or so traveling: MO, KS, Iowa, Nebraska, and So. Illinois as a Manufacturer's Rep. in the furniture industry. The industry changed over the years, with fewer and fewer customers to call on.In the early '90s I was back on the East Coast and spending time with family and developing new friends - this of course was after my divorce.The recession of the early '90s hit and after spending some time in the retail part of the furniture industry, I returned to St. Louis.Decided a career change was due. Entered the insurance industry. Have been doing this over the past several years. I am now semi-retired, but still working. Cos. I have been associated with include John Hancock and Liberty National.

Malcolm Carter

From BHS, off I went to Trinity in Hartford, where I continued my experience on the Star by becoming editor of the student newspaper and also by working at the now- defunct Hartford Times. (No fault of mine that it no longer exists). Then to Stanford for an M.A. while also stringing for Time. I lived and worked in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, in 1967, covered the Hippies and an execution in San Quentin, among numerous other stories. Then, unaccountably in retrospect, I enlisted in the Navy rather than the other available option of dodging the draft. I managed to serve only in the Pentagon as a speechwriter and public affairs officer during a stint lasting fewer than two years because, in a fit of budget cutting, the Navy easily decided that I wasn’t “career-oriented.” Following the Navy, I contributed freelance articles to various magazines and newspapers, was a national writer for the Associated Press based in New York City (where I now am a real estate broker) and toiled at Money. Subsequent career moves were in the direction of public relations/marketing/communications. The highlight of that period was a temporary position, which somehow lasted for seven years, as founder of the Office of Public Education in the U.S. Treasury Department. There, I was responsible for running a multi-million international campaign to introduce newly designed currency--those big heads. Yearning to return to Manhattan after 11 years in D.C., the last four of them selling real estate, I started all over again in 2006. I was married young to a wonderful woman, also a journalist but realized I was gay after our seventeen years together. (We still are friends.) Now, I am with an amazing survivor of the Khmer Rouge atrocities in Cambodia. For work or pleasure I’ve been lucky to travel widely, from Kazakhstan to Kenya and Suriname and Singapore.

William Cochran

After graduation, I had to go to work to help support the family, my father having died near the end of my sophomore year. Eventually, I wound up at KLH in Cambridge but left there to go into the Air Force in September of 1964 figuring this was better than waiting to be drafted. They sent me to Russian language school then to Turkey to listen to radio communications. After returning and spending a year at NSA then another year at a hobby store in Maryland, I returned to Belmont. The GI bill paid for a BA at Boston State College. My summers were spent in Tamworth, NH, where I was Tech Director for The Barnstormers Summer Theatre. In 1983 I moved to Tamworth and worked mostly as a carpenter off-season. Then in 1998 I started my English teaching adventure in Poland returning in late 2007 to the Portland, ME, area. Since October 2011, North Conway, NH, has been home with a part-time job at TJ Maxx and a little ESL teaching.

Paul Crabtree

After graduating from Cornell's MBA school in 1968, I went to work for the securities firm, E.F. Hutton, and have worked for the Company and its successors (Shearson, Smith Barney, and now Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) since that time. During those 44 years, I have managed branch offices in Chestnut Hill, Worcester, and Waltham, and was in charge of the New England Region of Hutton, and then Shearson, for a total of 12 years. Prior to the beginning of my 31 years in management, and especially since 2006, I have been a full time Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager, located in the Waltham office of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney; I continue to work full time...Marybeth (McManama, BHS 1963) and I have been married for 45 years, and have three daughters and nine grandchildren. We brought up the family in Concord, MA, where we maintain an apartment. However, our real homes are in New Seabury on Cape Cod and in Naples, Florida.

Cynthia Crook Cantor

Married, husband David.Education: Syracuse University, BA PoliticalScience. George Washington University, MA Economics. CPA.After college I spent a year in Europe working and traveling and two months in East Africa. I spent most of my working life in the Washington, DC area. I worked in management consulting in the transportation area and latter in public accounting and corporate finance. In 1999 we moved to an active adultcommunity in Arizona. We escape the Arizona summer heat by travelling. Recent trips include Hawaii, Europe, Alaska, Australia and New Zealand. I also play bridge, golf and am very involved in the local chapter of AAUW, as well as volunteer activities.

Mary Ellen Crowley Barker

I have been married to Chuck Barker (BHS class of 1963), for 43 years.My daughter, Lynn Barker Hughes, graduated from BHS in 1993, and now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband Rolfe and her daughter Kate, age 5 l/2.I retired from the Town of Belmont after 32 years, where I was Assistant Town Clerk. I am now working part time for a CPA firm in Chatham, MA. We enjoy Cape Cod living and traveling to visit family in North Carolina.

Richard Curless

I graduated in 1966 with a BSME from Tufts and in 1968 with a MSME from UNH. I worked for 5 years with the Foxboro Company and 39 years with Avco/Textron retiring as an Engineering Consultant.Belmont High classmate Judy Gates and I married in 1968. I am enjoying retirement playing with our antique cars and, with Judy, rehabilitating our 1800 farm house in NH.

Linda Daniels

As for what I have done since BHS days, most of it was spent happily teaching 6th grade in Cambridge. It was a trip! But well worth the effort, especially on snow days, when everyone else had to go to work in the snow, ice and slush. All in all I loved it.Since retiring, I've spent my time doing whatever I want and loving it- a little traveling, visiting friends and family, writing cookbooks for my friends and family, and of course testing recipes for said cookbooks. Being acutely electronically challenged, I take quite a while to produce them on a computer. But it does get done- albeit slowly. It has all been a blast.

Jon Dawson

Jon Dawson, a Belmont, MA native with deep roots in Maine, attended MCI in Pittsfield and holds a BA in Business Administration from UMaine (67). He attended Engineer Officers Candidate School in Alexandria, VA and was commission in the US Army, Military Intelligence Branch. He served at Ft. Belvoir OCS as a TAC officer and in Vietnam as a military intelligence advisor. In 1970 he earned an MBA at the University Of Maine Business School. For the next two years he worked in Bangor for the Eastern Maine Corporation as an economic development coordinator. In 1972 he joined Country & Coastal Realty in Bangor. In 1974 he purchased the company, changed the name to Dawson Realty, and joined the national real estate franchise ERA. Its office at 417 Main St. offers over 15,000 square feet at that location. In 1989 Dawson purchased the ERA Bradford Co., Real Estate & Insurance, in Orono from Richard Bradford. The office at 50 Main St, Orono continues to serve that community. Dawson has served numerous charitable and civic organizations in the Bangor Area. The ERA Dawson Bradford Co. continues to meet the real estate needs of the Bangor market place through its 70+ real estate associates in the area of residential, commercial and recreational real estate and provides insurance services through its Dawson Insurance subsidiary. He is married to Nancy (Speirs) Dawson (UMaine class of 1974) and has two girls, Julie and Katie. Jon and Nancy continue to lead their company in Bangor, Maine .

Joseph DiBenedetto

I earned a BS in Biology from Norwich Univ. and an MS in Zoology from UNH. Married a wonderful woman I met while she was a student nurse at Mt. Auburn Hospital. During my military service, we lived in Panama for two and a half years. After the military, I worked as an industrial microbiologist, technical sales rep and product marketing manager with Ventron Corp in Peabody, MA. This involved moving from Georgetown, MA to Columbus, OH and back to Ipswich, MA. During that time we had a girl and boy. I moved on to a plastics company in Northampton, MA, where we raised our children. I traveled a moderate amount and enjoyed marketing plastic film used in bladders for Nike “air” shoes and helped develop Reebok “pump” shoes. Bird­­-strike resistant windshields for aircraft and bullet-resistant windows for Humvees and other projects were in the mix. I next got a teaching credential and taught middle and high school science for ten years in Saratoga Springs, NY where we still live. We have one grandson. During the summer I supervise mutual tellers at Saratoga Race Course and for a few years worked as a Casino Mgr. in Saratoga. My wife and I are retired, but I still work the forty day racetrack meet as well as the Preakness and Belmont Stakes races.

Frederick Dickhaut

Retired after 35 years working for A.F. Fitzgerald Woburn, MA a wholesale floor covering distributor, covering New England. First as a salesman for 22 years and 13 years as the sales manager. Thanks to my job I was afforded many opportunities to travel.I'm married to Patty Lee (BHS 63) for 45 years! We have three children, all girls and two grandchildren both BOYS, yea.Pat and I spend the winter at our home in Lakeland, FL and the summer/fall in Waltham. Interests: biking, sports that my grandsons play.

Donald Doughty

After High School, I spent three years in the United States Army with the 101st Airborne. I married Sally Grant in September, 1967 and we will celebrate forty- five years of marriage this year. We have four children, two girls and twin boys and ten grandchildren ranging in ages from four to fifteen years. We have resided in Woburn, MA for the past thirty-six years.After returning from the Army, I went to work for Belmont Light Department as a lineman for several years. I left there and went to work for NStar where I am now a Line Supervisor.For pleasure these days, Sally & I enjoy two weeks in St. Maarten in October and two weeks in January in Aruba. In between times are spent with our children and grandchildren on little week-end trips.

Ruth Dulac Boland

I have 4 adult children and 8 delightful grandchildren ranging in age from 7 to 21.I continue to work teaching clinical to pediatric nursing students 3 eves per week. I teach for SSU and MGHIHP. My pleasures are gardening, walking and attempting to golf.I plan to attend the reunion. MY FIRST!

Michael Ehlers

I was married in 1965 to Maureen Lyons, also from Belmont. We were blessed with four children, Maureen, Michael, Gregory and Julie. We now have seven grandchildren ranging 27 -4yrs old. During my high school years I worked for Pearson’s Flowers in Waverly Square, Belmont. That’s where my education began. From 1960-1973 I worked there learning about growing plants and flowers. 1973 went into business buying greenhouses in Wakefield, MA. In 1978 I opened Tropiculture in the Boston Flower Market on Albany St., supplying florists and garden centers with tropical and flowering plants. I then expanded to servicing hotels and conventions with the rentals of tropical plants. In 1998 I started Common Foods Inc. My sons have taken over, Michael - Tropiculture,, Greg - Common Foods Inc / left Belmont in 1967 and moved to Maynard MA. Bought our first home there in 1972 and lived there for the past 40 yrs. In 2000 we bought a second home in Naples FL. That's where you’ll find Maureen and me most of the time. Our children and grandchildren live here in MA & NH.

Carolyn Emerson

Creativity, design, and an avid interest in the sciences propelled me to a ten year position as Technical Illustrator and eventually Art Director at GCA Corporation in Bedford Massachusetts, a subsidiary of NASA and the DOD. I held a Top Secret Security Clearance and had the good fortune to work with brilliant scientists and engineers from all over the world. The space program was in full swing. We landed on the moon, and our first steps toward space exploration were taken and accomplished. The Space Shuttle was in its early stages of conception and design. I loved every minute of my work experience in that field.photographer of the Virginia Slims Tennis Tour, traveling with the tour to many cities in the USA and also France, England and to a number of Caribbean Islands.Married to Foster McCafferty in 1973, one son born in 1976, David Emerson McCafferty. A year or two after becoming a single parent, I found that getting back to work outside the home was inevitable. I pursued a career in Industrial and Residential Design and Architecture. My work experiences included “This Old House” television show, design consulting and representing Thomasville Furniture and Martha Stewart. I was honored to be named Principal Consultant for Urban Spaces and Places in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, I trained kitchen designers at various design companies throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.I spend much of my time at my home on the coast of Maine. Am continuing to seek out wonderful French Country and English antiques. Still play piano, although I improved over the years, I still need more lessons and hope to do so this winter.I am fortunate to have a new grandson, Matthew Emerson McCafferty, born in 2011. He is the apple of my eye.As the years tick away, probably faster than ever, I look back and rejoice in the fulfillment of being a mother to a great son, his many accomplishments and the personal accomplishments I never dreamed I would realize. I am looking forward to continuous creativity, exploration of new places with friends, old and new. I am peaceful and enjoying exceptional joy and fun with my wonderful family.

Johanna Fischer Rädle

After graduating from BHS, I spent one year at Skidmore College and then in 1963 went back to Germany with my parents. Learning German (!) at a German high school, studying psychology at the University of Heidelberg for 2 terms, going on to make an apprenticeship as a goldsmith are some of the detours I took before finally becoming a teacher in a Secondary German school for art and English. My marriage didn’t last too long but I was very fortunate to have become the mother of a wonderful son and in, the meantime, a lovely daughter-in-law.In 1981 I built a house close to my school in a very rural area in southern Germany. The Lake of Constance, Austria and Switzerland are right around the corner and, if I wanted to have a cup of coffee in Milano, I could be there in 4 hours. Since 2008 I ́m retired.Besides growing my own vegetables, taking care of my 3 cats, painting and working with clay, I have started goldsmithing again and take courses, off and on, in Italy and Switzerland to fresh up on my skills. And then, of course, there ́s travelling..... a great passion of mine! Africa has become my favorite continent; I’ve visited 9 countries there and I hope there will be more to come.Europe is very versatile and invigorating, on the one hand, but, on the other hand, can be petty and narrow- minded. So I feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to have spent the years that influenced me the most (childhood and youth) in the USA. I say “thanks” and am very eager after 49 years to come back and visit my roots!

Mary Fitzgerald Mack

Married to Dick Mack, a Pediatrician, now retired.We have lived in the Newburyport, MA area for thirty- seven years.We have three children, and five grandchildren. They reside in Houston and Virginia.After graduating from Emmanuel College in 1966, I have been a research librarian, educator, and recently, retired after 11 years as a trustee of Governors Academy, Byfield, MA.We enjoy golf, bridge and travel, and we spend 3 months in Naples, Fl in the winter.

Paul Fohlin

Fr. Paul Fohlin was born in Boston and grew up in Belmont, MA. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Scholastic Philosophy from St. Francis College in Biddeford, ME (now the University of New England) and entered the Discalced Carmelite Order in Waverly, NY in 1967.He made his first vows on the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption: August 15, 1968. He studied theology at Catholic University in Washington, DC and wasordained a priest on May 10, 1972. Fr. Paul has lived in most of the monasteries in the Washington Province: Waverly, NY (three times); Holy Hill in Wisconsin (twice); Peterborough, NH (13 years); Brookline, MA; Washington, DC; West Milwaukee, WI (twice); and the hermitage in Hinton, WV. He was the superior in Peterborough and Holy Hill. During his tenure as Prior at Holy Hill, he oversaw the renovation of the beautiful Shrine of Mary, Help of Christians, which has since been named a basilica. Fr. Paul was appointed as OCDS Provincial Delegate of the Northeast Region in 2005 and has been serving the Secular Order in that role continuously since then.He has a great love for, and knowledge of, icons and has given several retreats on that subject. He is currently enjoying his second stay in Brighton, MA. He was appointed Prior there in 2011.

Susan Garfield Mulford

I left Belmont to become a teacher. Abandoned that to live on Beacon Hill and sing in Boston’s coffee houses while hanging out with Jose Feliciano. Then, became a Veterinary Nurse, but ultimately, traded animals for people as a Radiological Technologist. That was followed by 13 years teaching Radiology at North Eastern University. Married, had three children and moved on to the field of printing graphic design and Print Production management. I finally stayed focused for 18 years. Simultaneously, I began writing a full page tab plus features surrounding arts, entertainment and dining for a Boston newspaper.Retired at 56 but still am the Arts, Entertainment and Dining Editor which supplies lots of fun experiences for my now, quite obvious, ADHD personality. Giving in to my major ‘wander lust’, over the years, I have traveled extensively. From Chile, where I lived for 6 months, and return to dear friends as often as I can, to Greece and everywhere in between. I have four grand children. Belmont granddaughter is off to college leaving her twin 5 year old brothers to climb through Belmont’s educational system. My son lives downstairs from me, as I returned to live in the house I was born in. Other grandchild, now in Florida, is college bound next fall.I am a Volunteer Tax Preparer at the Senior Center and am considering a request for me to do an entertainment Cable show. Off to Italy for the third time this fall. I am now single due to that sneaky stealer of loved ones, cancer. But, life is rich and full with so much to do and so little time to do it. So always looking ahead!

Judith Gates Curless

I graduated in 1966 with a BS from Tufts and a diploma in Physical Therapy from Bouve School of Physical Therapy and Physical Education.( Bouve is now at Northeastern and is the School of Allied Health Sciences.) I have worked in hospital and outpatient rehabilitation, was Chief Physical Therapist for the Emerson Hospital Westford Health Center for 13 years, and have worked for Emerson Hospital for 25 years. I am currently specializing in Pelvic Health, treating men and women with incontinenceand pelvic pain. Belmont High classmate Rick Curless and I married in 1968. We have 2 daughters. One is married, living in New Hampshire, and is a record searcher for the United States Investigative Services. The other is an oceanographer living in Hawaii.

Robert Ginsberg

Ed. Note: Bob is unfortunately suffering from advancedParkinson’s disease and is living in a nursing home. I’m sure he would appreciate any email messages from his classmates. Send your greetings to his wife, Gail, at: She will share your thoughts with him. Below are excerpts from emails sent by Gail to Marilyn Jacobs Silberstein and Ron Kessler, respectively. Excerpt from Gail Ginsberg’s message to Marilyn:I am honored to hear from you and to know that you want to include Bob as part of your 50th reunion celebration. ..... Unfortunately, e-mail is way beyond his capacity, but I will read to him any messages that classmates would like to share. When Ron contacted me, I shared his information and photos with Bob, and they seemed to mean a lot to him.Excerpt from message to Ron Kessler from Gail Ginsberg:It was great hearing from you today and knowing that Bob's high school friends still remember him. He is a wonderful guy and did not deserve this devastating illness. Even after his Parkinson's diagnosis, Bob continued to play ice hockey in an adult league in Chicago for several years and was featured in a Tribune article. His career as a law professor and bankruptcy judge was exemplary; his former colleagues still speak of him with fondness and admiration. Of course, our family has suffered the most grievous loss - a loving husband and father. Our two young grandchildren have really never known their "Poppa."Enjoy this article in the Chicago Tribune featuring Bob:

Marc Goldberg

While I left Belmont High School after my junior year, I appreciate being invited to continue to participate in class events and attended the first reunion. After graduating from The Tilton School in Tilton, NH and the Boston University College of Liberal Arts, I married Susan Aronie of W. Newton, graduated from the Boston University School of Law and started working for sixteen years for General Electric in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbia, MD, Stroudsburg, PA, Schenectady, NY and Atlanta. My 8th position was as VPHR for all the non-regulated businesses internationally of Continental Telecom (Contel). When those businesses were sold I worked as an organizational design consultant for The Mescon Group, and then was recruited to be the first VPHR at Mtel/Skytel in Jackson, MS. In 1995, at Susan's suggestion, we started and continue to operate SuMa Partners, Ltd., ( consulting in human resources, labor relations and employee communication. In 2003 we moved to Boca Raton, FL for family reasons. I served on the board of directors of a small publicly held company, am a financial services arbitrator with FINRA and an executive volunteer with Nonprofits First. Susan and I have three grown sons and daughters-in law, six grandkids and all are doing well. We hope you all have a blast at the reunion.

Marshall Goldberg

I love building PCs for people. It is an avocation. I do it for the fun of it and love helping out folks that otherwise would have trouble getting a good PC. It seems the older I get, the better I get at “geeking” PCs.Helping other people learn about how to relate to food and control their diet is another avocation. Success is mixed. Some folks run for the exits. And yet, when you do help someone in this way, it is an amazing feeling to see them get hold of their health. For those of us that are lucky, this is something we can change to enhance whatever life we have remaining. The side effect of dietary control, being less than 160 pounds and still being able to run with my doggy astounds me.It will be good to see my other classmates at the reunion.

Joan Gordon Kaplan

I live for seven months in Ft. Myers, FL and five months in Moultonborough, NH on Lake Winnespaukee.Formerly Executive Vice President for 5th largest Travel management Company globally (45+ years). Responsible for Profitability, Sales, Service and over all running of company. Member of Worldwide Advisory Team for same company.Traveled worldwide on business. Served on Airline, Car Rental, Technology and Hotel Advisory Boards and created innovative systems within the industry.Member of Board of Trustees, Greater NE Chapter of National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Officer of Board of Trustees and Member of Gorvernance Committee Chair of Nominating /committee and Volunteer Director of Walk program for 2013 that includes 40 walks and a 50 Mile Challenge Walk (which my husband and Ido.) Developing corporate strategy for walk teams. I also serve on three other committees. Developed MS in 1970 and am thrilled to "give back."Vice President of Wildwood on Winnespaukee Association and Chair of Nominating Committee.Member of House and Social Committee for Gulf Harbour Country Club.Currently Independent Contractor in travel industry for startup software company and other travel agencies

Pamela Govoni Caruso-Buyvid

I have four children that live in the New England areaand six grandchildren. I retired from the Andover Country Club in 2005, where I had worked for fifteen years, and moved to Vermont where my husband died in 2008. I enjoy doing volunteer work at my local hospital.

Beverly Gowan Dieterich

My Life and Family:My Career and Education:For the past several years, I have been working in the Audio-Video & Tele-Conferencing, Engineering- Integration-Installation field. Currently at AVI-SPL, a global company with its New England regional office located in Hopkinton MA , and I telecommute between my NH home office and their MA office. Northeastern University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Fisher Junior College, Associates Degree Infocomm – current CTS certificationMy home is in Meredith, NH on Lake Winnipesaukee where I enjoy the lake, lake house, boating, antiquing and local friends.My late husband, Dick, and I met singing in the Harvard Radcliffe chorale in Harvard Square. We lived in Sudbury, Wayland, and then Lincoln before moving to Lake Winnipesaukee, where we were planning to retire in our lake house. We started winterizing it for retirement in '07 and have since finished.We lost my Mom in '07 ... she was a grand lady and reached 98 and everyone loved her. We were her main care- givers and took her everywhere with us.I lost Dick to liver cancer in '08...he was diagnosed in July and gone in Dec 2008 ... very very tragic ... a great wonderful man ... I miss him all the time! He grew up in Studio City, CA, and later lived for a few years in Denver, and thankfully navigated to the Boston area. We had no children together.Dick and I were so very close and we did everything together so that is my life ... We had hoped to travel after retirement but alas/alack not to be. And now I'm so busy with continuing full-time work, traveling between MA and NH, handling 2 houses (until one sells, hopefully), have a booth in a local Antique shop and am selling STUFF on the side, i.e., downsizing as much as possible and allowing FUN at the lake house and enjoying the beautiful lake water and boating !

Rosemary Grande Mitchell

I retired from Polaroid in 1981 and pursued several interests. I prepared resumes for professionals, I was self-employed and I sold Polaroid products with several other former Polaroid employees.In 1986, I married my second husband who was raising three teenagedaughters. We all lived in Needham, they all got married and we now have 7 grandchildren.I am a ten year breast cancer survivor and have undergone two open heart surgeries. The first to repair a detached mitral valve; the second to replace it. The first heart surgery came unexpectedly a few days after having the cancer surgery.After the second surgery, we moved to Upton to be closer to our youngest daughter and two of our youngest granddaughters. We are enjoying our retired lives 'in the country' surrounded by horse farms. We own two dogs; each a rescue and we wouldn't have it any other way.Joe and I have travelled, but always were happy to get home......he no longer has any interest in going too far. I can't blame him. We are now comfortably settled amongst the wildlife.

Joyce Hanlon Fuller

What a surprise! Can't believe it's been 50 years since we were all seniors at BHS. Looking forward to attending our class reunion in October. Had a difficult time finding a picture of myself alone without a family member, so this one was cropped from my granddaughter's birthday last September. Hope it does the trick. Been married for forty- six years to Bob Fuller (from Arlington) We have two daughters, Tiffany and Ashley and three grandchildren. We have lived in California for over thirty years, initially in the San Francisco area and presently we reside in Newport Coast. Still have a house in Cape Cod we have kept all these years.... nice to know you can always go home!I've been involved in real estate off and on throughout the years. Have a CA Salesperson's license and still have my Mass. Broker's license as well. It's been a very busy but happy 50 years.

Judith Hanson Brodlieb

Info: attorney licensed in NY and CA; living in CA since 1989; married for twenty years, then divorced; two adult children-daughter living in Tasmania, AUS and son in NY with four children; enjoy golf, tennis, hiking, fly-fishing, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Kenya and base camp for Mt Everest in Nepal; law office in Carlsbad, CA - family law; love working and love CA!Not sure yet whether I will make it to reunion - again I appreciate all your time devoted to this!

Nelson Hartunian

I graduated from Tufts in 1966, got my PhD in physics from Brandeis in 1975. I married Rev. Joanne (Gulezian) Hartunian in 1970. We have three children (Gregory 1976 who is in charge of my company’s sales, Jonathan 1978 who is teaching in the Belmont system and the current high school wrestling coach, and Elizabeth 1982). I currently have 4 grandchildren with a 5th on the way. Since 1981 Charlie Smart and I founded and are running Smart Software ( Charlie was president, still involved but at a slower pace, I’m now president.Additional details from Smart Software website:For more than 20 years, he has worked closely with hundreds of companies to implement improved demand planning, forecasting and inventory optimization processes. He has overseen successful implementations at some of the world's largest enterprises, and he uses this experience to constantly refine and improve Smart Software's products, consulting and training operations, making them industry models for success.Before helping to launch Smart Software, Dr. Hartunian served on the faculties of Northeastern University, the University of Massachusetts, and Bentley College. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Physics from Tufts University. He also received his Ph.D. in Physics from Brandeis University, and was a fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Engineering Studies.

Geoffrey Headley

My Career: I finally got my BSEE degree from Syracuse University in 1971 after taking breaks to work and serve in the US Army in Germany. I then spent 8 years with GTE, mostly with their CATV division in El Paso, TX as an engineer and Sales Support Manager. In 1979 I joined a Chinese-American owned marketing company, which kept me travelling constantly throughout the US, Canada and the Far East as their Director of Marketing. In 1983 I moved from El Paso to Palm Bay, FL to join Harris Corporation’s Satellite Communications division as Product Line Manager and Marketing Support Director. From 1987 to 1997 I had my own technical and marketing consulting practice in Florida, focusing heavily on satellite communications clients. In 1997 I moved back to Boston until 2000, when I was recruited by a test equipment manufacturer in Dallas (my favorite city of all). In 2004 I relocated to Houston to join a high growth privately owned satellite communications service provider whose principal customer base was primarily global energy companies’ offshore locations. In 2009 our company was bought out by Harris Corporation, so I came sort of full circle there. Harris bridged my 3+ years of service with them in the ‘80’s with the 6+ years I had in Houston, giving me extra vacation and other benefits. In 2011 I left Harris again and am now in a state of semiretirement, consulting part time and not missing the 12-14 hour days at all.My Family: In 1969 I met the girl who would eventually become my first wife, Joan. We met in Boston at Your Father’s Moustache, which may be familiar to several of our classmates, and were married in 1973. Sadly, she died of cancer in 1978, 6 months after she was diagnosed. I remarried in 1979 and divorced in 1988. After surviving 20 years of singlehood I met and married my current, and expectantly forever, wife, Joy, in 2009. After 3 1⁄2 years of mostly being apart due to her career in Jamaica, Joy finally came to Houston this July to hopefully be with me permanently.I have a son, Danny, from my second marriage. He earned his BSME from NMSU and is currently an engineer at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, NM. He and Bethany have given me two grandchildren, Joaquin, nearly 6, and Eliana, almost 1, as of our reunion.My Enjoyments: Carrying forward from high school days, I still enjoy working on my cars. I have a 1970 Imperial which is in the early stages of restoration. I haven’t decided yet whether to do a lot of customizing or not. I do most of the maintenance and repair work on my daily drivers as well. Since I got into computers in the ‘80’s as a necessity for my business, I spend much more time with them than I do with my cars. I also do a fair amount of woodworking and handyman stuff. And I am fairly functional in the kitchen, where I can get creative with simple dishes.I enjoy popular music of most types and have a sizeable collection of music from the 1920’s to the present. Of course, my collection is strongly biased towards our time of the ‘50s and ‘60s. But lately I listen mostly to hip hop and R&B, with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and others at the top of my list. I’m also an active Mensa member.

David Hildebrand

In July 2012 my wife Julie and I hosted our daughter Ellen 's wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado.Now retired, I spend most days puttering in my home office, entertaining my dog Penny, doing work around the house, and going to the gym.Work in textbook publishing carried us from Chicago to northeastern New Jersey in 1977 where we have lived ever since. I changed careers to IT in the early Eighties and worked in Manhattan most of the time until 9-11; after that until retirement, in NJ. Julie stayed on in publishing. Hope all of you are doing well. Sorry that a prior commitment made me unable to attend our 50th high school reunion.

Katherine Hosie Sullivan

I graduated from Boston College with a degree in education and English. I taught at Norwood High School, 5th and 6th grade at St. Joseph's in Needham, worked with refugees at Jewish Vocational Services and for the last ten years have been a realtor at Coldwell Banker in Needham. My husband Gerry (of 45 years) and I have four children and six grandchildren. We enjoy our family, travelling and spending time at Pocasset, Cape Cod. Life is good here in Needham and I look forward to seeing/hearingabout everyone.

Marilyn Jacobs Silberstein

I am approaching the 50th anniversary of our high schoolgraduation with much excitement. The people I grew up with are far more like brothers and sisters to me than distant friends. And, like everyone else, it's hard for me to believe it's been that long! Time to review a lifetime that I've lived since my days in Belmont.I went from BHS to the University of Denver and then transferred to the University of Cincinnati (I still remember the team cheer that helped me to spell it!), graduating in 1967. In my junior year of high school, I had decided to become a social worker, and, right after college, I went on to earn a Masters degree in Social Work at Yeshiva University in NYC. I then worked for 35 years as a medical social worker, starting the first social work department at Nyack Hospital in Nyack, NY, and moving on to work in several of the large hospitals in Philadelphia, PA. My medical social work career ended as the Director of Social Work for a large teaching hospital system in Philly. At age 60, I started a new career in real estate.Divorced in 1983, my crowning achievement has been raising my 2 daughters - Heidi (39) and Adina (36) - and my foster daughter, Meg (36) all of whom have become outstanding women in their own right. Heidi now lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and my 2 grandchildren, Elia and Beckett. She is an audiologist and an administrator in a large organization for deaf and hearing disabled people. Meg is married and has 2 children, Isaac and Grace, and lives in NJ, and Adina has her own large petsitting business and lives nearby in Philadelphia.I lived in Cincinnati after graduate school and then moved to Rockland Co., NY and, later, to Binghamton, NY. I have lived in and around Philly for 32 years, and now with my partner, Sy, I sell real estate in Philadelphia full time. I have no plans to retire, but my dream is eventually to be able to spend half the year in Philly and half in Australia with my grandchildren and NO WINTER!!! I can't wait to see everyone in October!

Marshalyn Kaufman London

Still married to Bob London (Feb 2013 will be forty-nineyears!) We have three daughters and they and their families live in NY, DC, NC. My parents are in FL. and our six grandchildren range in age from twelve to almost sixteen...we moved back to the East Coast a year ago from Scottsdale to be closer to the whole gang and though I am missing the desert, we are loving being able to go up and down the coast to visit family and friends at a moment’s notice!

Carolyn Kelley Murphy

Graduated from Boston College and continued my education at Lesley and Harvard. I live in Belmont with my husband of forty six years, Jim. We have three children - a son, Jim who is an attorney and two daughters, Laura and Susan who are both teachers and eight grandchildren. We enjoy spending our summers in Scituate, MA. I am a teacher at the Wellington Elementary School which is on the site of our old high school. I am preparing to retire after twenty eight years. We are looking forward to traveling, spending some of the winter in Florida and enjoying more time with our wonderful grandchildren.

Paul Kennedy

After graduating from Belmont High, I attended Boston University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages in 1966. After working for Uncle Sam for a year, I attended Boston College Law School, receiving a Juris Doctor degree in 1970. I took the bar exam that summer, passed, and was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in November, 1970. I am also admitted to the United States Court of Appeals, for the First Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. I have been practicing law for some forty-two years now, in Newton, Boston, Sharon and now in Walpole, Massachusetts. I am married, and have been for the past thirty-one years. We have a daughter, Tara, who was married this past June. We have two grand-dogs, Hennessey and Gonzo. I am active in Freemasonry. I was raised a Master Mason in Belmont Lodge in 1980. I have been Master of two lodges, and a Lodge of Instruction. I served as a District Deputy Grand Master for two years. At present, I am a Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Alaska and a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

Ronald Kessler

Having learned everything I know as features and photography editor of The Star, I became editor of the Clark University school paper and spent all my time at that instead of going to classes. In September 1963, I called 26 landlords who had placed classified ads for rental apartments in the Clark area and asked if the unit was still available. When told it was, I said, “By the way, my roommate is a Negro. Is that a problem?” Ten of the 26—or 38 percent— said it would be. I ran the story as the lead of the Oct. 3, 1963 Clark Scarlet. The Worcester Telegram picked up the story, and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination began an investigation. I was also asked to speak to the local NAACP.Based in part on that story, I got a part-time job as a reporter with the Worcester Telegram. By the spring of 1964, I had decided I wanted to learn things on my own by interviewing people rather than being told what and how to learn. I got a full-time job at the Telegram and dropped out of school after two years.I went on to the Boston Herald, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post as an investigative reporter. One of the stories I am proudest of at the Post revealed that Lena Ferguson had been denied membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) because she is black. The March 12, 1984 story resulted in her acceptance as a member and selection as an officer by the local chapter. The DAR agreed to bar discrimination and take affirmative steps to recruit blacks with the required lineage.In 1979, I married my wife Pam, who was a reporter at the Washington Post and more recently wrote “Undercover Washington,” about spying in Washington. I have two great kids, Greg, an artist, and Rachel, a public relations consultant, from my previous marriage.In 1985, I left the Post to write books and have written 19 of them, including The Secrets of the FBI, In the President’s Secret Service, The CIA at War, The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded, and The Season: Inside Palm Beach and America’s Richest Society. I call the latter book my mid-life crisis: I wanted to go to parties and drink champagne. For the book, Pam and I flew to Palm Beach with Donald Trump on his plane and spent the weekend with him at Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach home and club. It was hard work, but someone had to do it!My investigative approach has continued with my books. One of my FBI books led to the dismissal of William Sessions as FBI director over his abuses. Another presented the first evidence that FBI official W. Mark Felt was Woodward and Bernstein’s Deep Throat source during Watergate. More recently, I broke the Secret Service prostitutes scandal in Colombia.I am also chief Washington correspondent of, the largest conservative website, which gives me a chance to interview a range of figures from President Bush and Mitt Romney to Juan Williams and Donald Trump and to present what I consider the truth on both sides of the political spectrum. For example, I recently wrote a story quoting former FBI Director William Webster as saying that Rep. Michele Bachmann’s claim that Hillary Clinton’s Muslim deputy chief of staff could be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood is “morally wrong” and undercuts the war on terror.I work out of my home in Potomac, Md. Pam pre-edits my work and often contributes her vivid descriptions of places like the Secret Service training center, the FBI Laboratory, swinging spies we interviewed in Prague, or the trendiest bar and restaurant in Palm Beach, where “low-cut dresses are everywhere, the boobs bought and paid for.”My website with further details is

Marion Krause Benedict

My life has been a combination of changes, opportunities and challenges. Before and after getting to know you in Belmont, I lived many places.I loved the city with its streetcars, subway and people. In seventh grade, we moved to Belmont and I got to know you. I liked meeting friends and walking around the reservoir. After surviving math, and enjoying advanced biology, German with Mr. Penta and the various singing groups, I went on to Cornell University. I majored in food and nutrition,pre-dietetics, and met my husband, Dale. A year later, he went to work in Detroit as an engineer.I worked for a year as a Home Economist for a local gas company. We gave food demonstrations and wenton home visits. Unfortunately that year was also the year of the Detroit riot. It was amazing to see armed guardsmen at nearly every store and having our home visits greatly curtailed. I then decided I 'd rather be a dietitian.We lived in Huntington Woods, Mi and had son, Eric. Our daughter, Brenda, was born and our children learned what it was like to live in a small town. Eric was now at Purdue U. and Brenda went to Hope College.Throughout the years we have enjoyed being part of our church, helping with local play productions, snow skiing and the last few years sailing our 30ft sailboat, "Sandbox ".For fun I've done a lot of sewing, knitting, cross stitch and some basket making. I also deliver Meals on Wheels and do some assessments for them , am very active in our church choir, and help with garden club activities. My greatest fun now is playing with the grandchildren. Brenda’s two live nearby. Eric's two twins live in Vt.We've had some wonderful trips to Hawaii, Alaska, saw Di Barske, California, Las Vegas and a river boat canal trip through Germany and the Slovak Republic. All in all, I have a wonderful life.

Thomas Laviano

After graduation I attended Bentley College and then Boston College.I am retired after working as a salesman, sales manager and finally a general manager of a floor covering distributorship in Rhode Island. In addition I built a personal income tax business that I continue to do serving clients in so eastern MA, RI and FL.I have three sons, twelve grand children and two twin step daughters.Our home is in Cranston, RI with a winter residencein West Palm Beach, FL.

May Lawson Mamiya

I am a...Daughter: my 99 year old mother has lived with us since the death of my father in 1978 and been a valued, spirited member of the household.Wife: Larry Mamiya and I were married in 1968 and have shared many adventures; he currently is a professor at Vassar College and a recognized author/expert on Christian and Islamic traditions in African-American communities.An avid Yankees fan, he converted me after all these yearsin NYS (sorry!).Mother: Ralph (b. 1978) – Cornell-educated lawyer and United Nations employee; currently living in NYC, he wasin Juba, South Sudan for the prior 3 years. Rachel (b. 1980) – Barnard grad with a masters in 2nd language studies, now teaching Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Hawaii, married to Guadalupe Hernandez and mother to Keahiokalewa (our first grandchild – born 4/4/12).Friend: Especially looking forward to seeing Di, Janie, Ginger, Bev and all again!Social Worker: Masters degree from Columbia in 1968; retired this Feb. after 44 years of practice – in health/mental health settings in NYC, San Francisco, Nashville, Austria and since 1975 at Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, NY. Most cherished recognitions: from AIDS advocacy group, Hospice, and social work interns who trained at hospital. 30-yr board member of Hudson River Housing, Inc., which operates shelters for homeless and develops affordable housing options. Promoter of advance care planning.Reader : my favorite book is: The Better Angels of our Nature by S. PinkerTraveler: to Hawaii to babysit Keahi – paradise!

Ruth Ann Levin Freedman

After graduation from Belmont High I entered nursing school at the Beth Israel Hospital. I graduated in 1965 and spent the next six years working in various positions. In 1966 I picked up my husband in Sonny’s in the Bradford Hotel. We are celebrating our 44th anniversary this year.Because of my husband’s job we have lived in many cities. We welcomed our first child in 1971, Ernie Michael. Over the years after that we have lived in Rockville, Md., Columbus, Ohio, Monroeville, Pa.(justoutside of Pittsburgh), and Burke, Va. In 1975 we welcomed our daughter Beth Helene. During those years I was lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom. I did a lot of voluntary work in the schools and our temple.I went back to nursing after we moved to Va. I spent the next twenty years wiring in The I Nova Fairfax Hospital, I Fairfax, Va. During that time frame I got a degree in management. I retired in 2008 and moved to Paradise in Jupiter, Fla. My neighbors knew I was from Belmont and my husband was from Chelsea and coincidently their best friends were from the same towns. Lo and behold who was from Belmont, Charlotte Vasil. What a great surprise.

John LoCicero

After graduating from Belmont HS, I joinedthe Navy. My tour of duty included one year in Ben- Hoa, South Viet Nam. Upon my return home, I met the love of my life on a blind date. My amazing wife Barbara and I have been married for forty-four years. We have raised three great children - Lauren, Jay and Kristen. We have also been blessed with five very precious grandchildren - Mikayla, Anna, Jacqueline, Joseph and Lindsay. We spend every chance we get with our family and attend all the sporting eventswe can. Though I was never a sports fan, I am a big fan of my family and that is the reason you will see me on the sidelines weathering the elements.My interest in "all things that run" brought me to a fulfilling career with Local 4, The International Union of Operating Engineers in 1968. In 2009, I climbed my last crane, oiled my last engine, and bid a fond farewell to the underground tunnels of Boston and the surrounding job sites. After forty plus years, I retired my work boots and hung up my hard hat. I currently enjoy my days as an active volunteer, refurbishing buildings at Camp Denison in Georgetown, where Barbara and I have lived for thirty- nine years.Throughout my life I have enjoyed traveling, first with the Navy and now with my wife and family. I have been to Thailand, Italy, Hawaii, the Caribbean and many other beautiful places. In the summer months, Barbara and I frequent the Cape and we always look forward to our yearly trip to Aruba for some R&R. Life has been good to a boy from a small town who liked to laugh, who liked to fix cars and who enjoys being surrounded by family and friends.

Richard MacDonald

The journey from BHS took me through my B.A., M.A. and Ph.D., teaching at five universities along the way. I was a Professor in Hawaii for ten years and since 1979 at California State University Northridge. I am a licensed therapist and have businesses in real estate and classic car restoration. A highlight was selling two classic Jaguars to Warner Brothers for a film. I have traveled within the U.S., especially Alaska, and to a number of foreign countries. The best trip was for six weeks in 2011 to Great Britain, where, in Ireland, I located eight new familymembers and their families. It happened after asking two ladies in the village's only pub if they knew any of the people on my geneology list. Two members emigrated to Australia, and we are going for six weeks to Australia, New Zealand and the South Seas right after the reunion. I continued my music interest through college where I became a DJ and had several groups and still find time for this. Along with travel, music, and genealogy, photography is also a favorite interest. I was married and later divorced. I reconnected with and married my former high school sweetheart. We have eight daughters, three grandsons and two granddaughters, with a third on the way. Five live in California, where we have our home, and one each in Portland, Chicago, and Orlando. We usually spend the summers on the lake in New Hampshire, but we are spending this one in the mountains of North Carolina. We still own the family home in Belmont.

Marcia MacGregor Duncan

50 years since graduation from BHS! Wow! In some ways it seems the other dayand in other ways it seems forever ago. I won't be able to attend as my husband and I will be visiting our daughter in Thailand at the time of celebration. Greetings to all!

Marie Manjourides Fuller

I continue working with my three siblings in our family business, Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe, South End, Boston. We have been in business for eighty-five years. We have won numerous awards, one of the most prestigious being "The James Beard Award”.We were also recently featured in the movie "Ted" starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. I have been married for forty-eight years. We have two sons and three grandchildren. When I 'm not at work you can find me in Boston Harbor volunteering with the CoastGuard Auxiliary (I've been a member for twenty years), or you can find me in my garden which I take great pride in.

Christine Martin Barraford

Mother of Four : Hilary, Jared, Chad and Drew, ages 34,32, 30 and 30and Wife of One: Jerry married for 40 yearsTwo beloved GranddogsA little girl and little boy: Miles and FinleySoon to be First-time Grandmother of the two-legged variety in AugustSon Drew and Daughter-in-Law ChristinaLong-time resident of Lynnfield, MALifelong Catholic Active in faith, fitness and career

Jane Martin McMackin

I love enjoying retirement after twenty-seven years teaching preschool, kindergarten, first grade and some gifted and talented classes. I've also tutored students for many years. I am busy now with two adult children and six grandchildren, the oldest a senior in high school and the youngest starting kindergarten. I love to travel. Just after retiring a few years ago I traveled across country with two friends for two months. Awesome! This year I've been to the Super Bowl, Utah, Florida, Jersey Shore, and Martha 's Vineyard. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Prudence Mazmanian Sousa

One Husband – Two Daughters –Thirty three years Teaching Grades Two through Eleven IL - MA – CO – ORDennis and I met while attending Suffolk University. I taught in Maynard, MA while he completed law school. In 1969 we married at All Saints Church in Belmont, joined VISTA and left for Denver. Dennis worked as an assistant in the Colorado Attorney General’s Office. In 1974 Carolyn was born, and Cindy in 1976. While we lived in Denver, I taught in private and Catholic schools, served as a volunteer investigator for housing discrimination charges for the City of Aurora, and was the phone bank coordinator for U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder. In 1982 we moved to Portland, OR. While teaching at Hillel Academy, I attended Lewis & Clark College to complete my coursework for Oregon certification. In 1988, I graduated with a Masters in secondary language arts. In 1990, I completed my reading endorsement. I taught grades two through six in Aloha and Hillsboro. In 2006, I retired from Hillsboro and moved to Bend where I was a Title I Reading/Math coordinator for BendLaPine schools. After thirty three years in education, I fully retired in 2009. Our daughter, Carolyn, graduated from Duke undergraduate and Tuck Business School at Dartmouth. She now lives in Basel, Switzerland and works for Novartis Pharmaceutical. Cindy has completed Masters degrees in social work and public health, as well as a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Washington in Seattle. She and Ron have a fifteen month old son, Oliver. Cindy is now a professor at the graduate school of Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia. I enjoy friendships, gardening and would love to travel more.

Richard McCarthy

Education: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, 1967Work History: pharmacist ... retired December 31, 2011Family:Married (1968) to Francine Castagno McCarthy, BHS Class of 1963One daughter, Lori, who graduated from LehighUniversity and lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY. She and her husband have one child ... our grandson Devin Patrick.Leisure Time: Travel ... We travel whenever possible ... a quick, last minute trip to NYC or a scheduled trip to somewhere special. We rescheduled a 15-day trip to Italy in order to attend the reunion.

Janice Mooney Miley

During my senior year, I worked at a ladder manufacturing company in Waverly Square. It was here that I met my future husband, Bob Miley, the plant manager. In the fall, I went to a business school and to work at Raytheon on what the heck are these monstrosities ?..Computers !Bob was twice my age at the time. Funny how the gap closed the older we got. We married, lived on a former chicken farm in Lexington for five years. The boys, Johnand Glenn, four & three years old, and one year old Kristen, played while we farmed. We moved to the North Shore, raised our four kids in Beverly Cove and started a ladder and scaffolding company of our own. We also re-habbed a 250 year old colonial home which had been vacant and neglected by multiple heirs. It had a couple of acres of land across from fabulous Lynch Park on the water in Beverly Cove. For twenty five years our ‘front yard’ was the formal rose garden, two beaches, a concert shell, and lots of trees.We had a good life, with several real life glitches thrown in...the loss of Bob's son in 1984, and our twenty three year old son five years later. Needless to say this was pivotal for our family. I moved back to Belmont to my Dad's. Bob followed and eight years later we bought this place in South Yarmouth together. I am grateful that he was able to go to Florida and enjoy his last years among people his own age as well as some of his childhood friends.I found my niche in home care. I fell in love with these wise folks and pursued my education along this line. Since my husband's passing nine years ago, I have continued working until this past year. I got a dog who makes me laugh aloud every day. I love getting out to walk in the sunshine and clouds on the Cape.The "children" are grown and grandparents, also. Albeit through the 'step' program. My son John and his wife had three children together (tragically, lost their first son to a nasty cancer at age fourteen months). Lisa 's older girl had a baby, now two and a half, my great-grand!! They all live in Beverly.Kristen has three children. They raised their children while running their business in Falmouth and recently Kristen returned to school to pursue a nursing career. Today, I struggle to move on past my losses, and count my blessings.

Barry Morris

I spent essentially my entire career as President of the Phoenix Media Communications Group in Boston. Our company owned newspapers, radio stations, internet companies, and a printing enterprise. Five and a half years ago, after thirty-seven years, I retired. Louise (my wife of forty-three years) and I are now living at our home in Maine; we sold our home in Newton in June. We are planning to also live in Boston or Fort Lauderdale. I enjoy traveling with Louise, carpentry, fly fishing and the chores involvedwith maintaining our log home in Maine.We have two sons, David and Jonathan. David lives in San Francisco and Jon lives in Dallas.

Paula Mysell Evans

am just back from a trip to Africa...wonderful in every way.Married to Rob (who is director of public mental health clinic and educational consultant) for forty six years Two son, Nicholas, thirty nine (married to Moley with two children, Charlotte and Will) living in Virginia and Alec, thirty three, living in LAFounded and ran a public charter school, grades 7-12, in Cambridge MA for the past seven years; just left my position as Head of School; will remain as Founder andraise $$$ so that we can buy our buildings.

Randi Nelson Bachmann

After graduating from Cornell and getting a master's degree from BU, I taught English at Milton H.S. for thirty two years. I've been married to Joe Bachmann for thirty eight years and have one son Matthew who is thirtysix. We were avid boaters for years, and cruised the New England waters during the summers on three different boats we owned. Retired now for thirteen years, we spend four and half months in Highland Beach, FL, during the winter and return to Belmont for the rest of the year. I enjoy keeping up with a busysocial life both here and in Florida as well as traveling, reading, gardening and bridge.

Nancy Newton

I never wanted to leave the Boston area and have lived locally since a few years after college. After living in Concord for twenty-eight years, I relocated to Ipswich more than ten years ago. I retired two years ago from teaching middle school reading in a local school. After finishing a master’s degree in the 1970's I began my teaching career as a home economics teacher in Newton. I left teaching for a while to pursue a corporate catering career in small catering companies and finally in Sheraton hotels.On a personal level, I am divorced and have two children and three grandchildren. I do have to travel to CA often to see my son’s family but my daughter lives locally. I spend lots of time in outdoor activities, particularly walking, horseback riding and in good snow winters, snowshoeing. After a wonderful walking tour of Italy a few years ago, I began studying Italian and try to go there every few years. I am involved with a historic preservation groupand travel around NE with this group visiting historic properties. I have renovated my antique colonial and entertain a lot of friends and family in the guest cottage. I especially enjoy lots of time spent at the beach, going to antique shops, and eating at local seafood spots.

Barry Nigrosh

After BHS I lived in NYC for ten years, going to college at Columbia and later getting a Ph.D. in psychology there. I eventually fled city life to the hills of Western Massachusetts where, with a group of friends, I learned carpentry and built a house from a large barn that we moved piece by piece. After attempting to live off the land for a while, I started working in a mental hospital and eventually trained in forensic psychology, which has been most of my career since then, with a psychotherapy practice on the side. I settled in Northampton, MA, withmy wife, Ellen, who is full time psychotherapist. We have two sons, one who married this year and is in the field of prosthetics and the other who is in the field of punk rock music and tattoo art. My hobbies are gardening, photography, rowing on the Connecticut River and maintaining the old country place in the hills. I still work more or less full time, but have it confined to four days a week. That suits me fine, and I have no plans to retire.

Joyce Paskerian Ladney

I moved to Southern California after college, where I met and married Bill Ladney and had two children, one girl Erica and one boy Mark. I worked in the IT field until I retired in 2003. Bill and I then moved to Wilmington, NC to be near our daughter Erica, her husband Rick and their three sons. We are still in Wilmington and loving it. Hello to everyone in the class of 1962. I hope you have a great time.

Stephen Polcari

After graduating from BHS, I received BA and MA degrees from Columbia College in New York. With a divergence for a few years during Vietnam, I became an artist and finished my education with a PHD in art history from the University of California at Santa Barbara. I taught modern art history around the country at several universities, beginning with the University of Illinois and ending with Chapman University in California, from which I just retired.In the meantime I wrote two books, one of which, Abstract Expressionism and the Modern Experience, Cambridge University Press, 1991, has become a classic. I write and publish on modern art, particularly Jackson Pollock, Abstract Expressionism and World War II often.I have lectured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I have curated many exhibitions at the Met and elsewhere, the last and best being a show on Pollock - "Pollock et le Chamanisme" -- in Paris in 2008-9.In between my teaching I ran the Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art in New York in the 1990s. I have traveled often to Europe spending time in England, France and Italy.Belmont High was a good starting point but its population and place near Cambridge and Boston were especially fruitful. Hard education with Miss O'Reilly, Miss Athos, and others was generative. Belmont was a typical high school at the time - conservative but solid -- where you could grow up slowly– unlike today. Despite Hollywood’s opinion, the 1950s were a good time. I am divorced and have no children and live in New York, which has been my home since I left for college those many years ago.

James Reagan

In 1967 I married Irene O 'Brien from Brookline and we had two sons, Jim and Brian. We now have two grandchildren, Hanna and James, who live nearby and whom we see often.After high school I received a BS degree and a Masters In Taxation degree from Bentley College and an MBA degree from Suffolk University.For more than 40 years, through August 2012 when Iretired, I was Treasurer of State Street Development Management Corp. working on the development, management and sales of government assisted, multi-family apartment developments located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.I am now faced with how to keep occupied during retirement, other than becoming a full time spousal supervisor.

Margaret Reagan

The summer after graduation from BHS, I entered the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Kentucky. I left after 2 1⁄2 years and returned to Belmont. At home, I adjusted to my different life, and re-enrolled at Emmanuel College as a sophomore and graduated in 1968 with a BA in Social Sciences. That September, I visited Emmanuel classmates living in Denver and extended the visit to today! I have been a child residential counselor at National Jewish Hospital and Adoption Coordinator for Friends of Children of Viet Nam during the Orphan Baby Lift. Next, I completed a certificate program in Management of Nonprofit Agencies, and moved to arts management, becoming a publicist for city run-arts facility, working with national touring artists and performers.In 1984, I welcomed my adopted daughter, Kim, to my home. After many years of struggle, Kim is now a lovely, confident and accomplished owner of her own dog walking and pet sitting business.I attended Regis Jesuit University, completed course work in Elementary Education, and taught for ten years, retiring in 2007, due to health issues. My activities now include participation in my small Catholic Community, volunteering at my favorite Elementary School, swimming, singing, photography, and time with friends and family, which includes two cats. Of course, I love to visit my family in suburban Boston.When I was studying at Regis University, I worked part time as a security guard (a non-armed one) at sporting events and concerts. In 1995, I worked at the glass for the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Playoffs. We won! Immediately after that, I worked security at the dugout for the inaugural season at Coors Field for the Colorado Rockies. I do enjoy sports!I reconnected with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in June, participating in a Former Members Reunion. It was awesome!I just became a Foster Grandparent with the Volunteers of America, a program that enables and requires me to work 20 hours a week at my favorite school. I will not be able to take the time to attend the reunion. Thank you to all for your hard work

Nancy Reynolds Berglund

My husband, Cliff, and I have been married for forty six years and live in Arlington, MA. We have three children, two daughters and one son. Kristen lives in Westford with one daughter and one son, Lisa lives here in Arlington with two sons. Our youngest is our son, Eric who has a terrific job and lots of toys to keep him busy. When his job does not have him overin Turkey, he lives in Marlbrough. They all live nearby which is nice as we get to see them often and share the grandchildren’s activities.Over the years we all have all enjoyed boating even getting the boat into shipshape, which can be hard work, condition for the new season. Boating has its rewarding moments. We have enjoyed our many English Bulldogs over the years and even breeding a couple of times was great fun. That is my happy, low key life and I would not change a thing.

James Roark, Sr.

About myself since graduating BHS:• Married Barbara Carol Fudala Owenson 7/3/1965, • We have four children (Annlouise, James,Jr., Edward, and Kathleen) and 7 grand children, • Graduated BabsonCollege 6/1968, BSBA-Major Accounting, Minor Finance,• I have been working in Health Care Finance for over 40 years, specializing in Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement (Payment Systems)• Received Secretarial appointment from the Secretary of Health, Dr. Luis Sullivan, (PresidentBush (Senior) Administration) to the Provider Reimbursement Review Board (PRRB) from 3/92 to 3/95. (At the time of my appointment I was one of about 40 individuals to receive this honor of being appointed to the Board in its than 18 year history.),• Moved to Port Orange, Florida in June, 2012-semi-retired, with my two canine children-Rusty and Stella-Pomeranians,• Like to travel and be with people,• My wife, Barbara, and I had celebrated our 46TH wedding anniversary two weeks prior to her passing away on 7/14/2011. At the time of her passing away we had been a couple of 48 years. • I love New England, especially Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Jane Rotman Altman

My life since leaving Belmont, Massachusetts has taught me what an incredibly privileged world we grew up in. I learned from Mrs. Bevington - one of the all time great English teachers - not to end a sentence with a preposition. But apparently I can't help myself. I learned from Mr. Penta - a truly excellent German teacher and all around good guy- what a difference a caring teacher can make in your life. I learned from Miss Antonelli, later Mrs. Athos, how fascinating French literature was.So I went off to Barnard College and majored in French literature. It has proven to be very useful when I am ordering dinner in a French restaurant.While at Barnard I met and married Bob Altman after my junior year, finished college, went on to get a Master's degree in elementary education from Bank Street College, promptly had two children (daughter Jennifer, who has produced three grandchildren, all living in NYC, and son John who has produced fourpublished novels plus a grandson, who lives in Princeton, N.J.), then "abandoned " Bob, Jennifer, and John in l974 to attend Rutgers-Camden Law School. At this point we had moved from N.Y.C., to Westchester, to Boulder, Colorado, then to Princeton, N.J. where we still reside. My decision to enter law school was very influenced by the women's movement. It never entered my head as an interest or a possibility before 1973. Somehow, we all survived. I have now been practicing law for 34 years. Eventually I started my own firm which currently has four attorneys, and I concentrate my practice in family law. My husband Bob who was with ETS for many years, retired early and would love for me to slow down and travel around the world with him. But I still actually enjoy being a lawyer, and as long as that remains true, I have no intention of retiring. There's nothing else I 'm particularly good at, except, I hope, being a grandmother, which is actually the highlight of my life. It is a special joy that nineteen month old Daniel lives in Princeton and I get to see him pretty much whenever I want to.I have managed to stay in touch with a few of my Belmont friends - among them Marilyn Jacobs, Ron Kessler, and Bev Dunlop- and have reconnected with Ziggy by email in the past couple of years.I have learned a few things along the way, including: It doesn't matter where you went to college or even if you went to college. It matters what kind of a person you turned out to be. There was way too much emphasis on the first part of that sentiment in Belmont, in my opinion. You can survive cancer (in my case breast cancer, 18 years ago) but the experience will change you forever. You must learn to text, even if you are not good with new fangled technologies, because it is the only way your teenage grandchildren will communicate withyou. The way to stay married for a long time is to be kind to each other.Looking forward to seeing many of you in October and hoping I remember who you are! My memory is definitely not what it used to be, but whose is?

Joseph Santoro

Joseph L. Santoro Class of 1962 Wolfeboro, New HampshireEducationGraduate, Tufts University, 1966, Bachelor of ArtsGraduate, University of Nevada, 1971, Master of Business Administration Certified Public Accountant, State of New HampshireFamily:Married, Donna Santoro, Registered Nurse, Boston University, 1967Son, Christopher Santoro, Graduate of Tufts University, Boston University School of Law, AssistantChief Immigration Judge of the United States of AmericaSon, Jason Santoro, Graduate of Tufts University BA; Georgetown University MA; Northeastern University MBAConsultant to the US Dept of Defense through General DynamicsMilitary HistoryRetired reserve, Lt Colonel, US Air Force, PentagonWork HistoryManager of Human Resources, Corning Glass Works, 1972 to 1977President, Hampshire Pewter Inc. 1978 to 1981President, Joseph L. Santoro MBA/CPA/CVA/CFFA/ABA, 1982 to presentSorry, but I am scheduled to attend my nephew’s wedding in Arkansas on October 20. Best to you all!

Helen Scannell Thomas

After graduating from Belmont High School, I received a BS in Nursing at the University of Rochester in New York. I returned to Boston and worked at the MGH and the Boston VNA for several years. In my mid twenties, when most of my friends were going to San Francisco to be flower children with rose colored glasses, I went to Denver to ski. Aside from great skiing, I had the opportunity of training in the earliest Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program in the country at the University of Colorado. I soon returned to the Boston area,pioneered the concept of the nurse practitioner in a variety of school and community based settings in Boston, Cambridge, and Waltham, and met my husband, a mid-westerner doing a post doc at Boston Biomedical Research Institute at the time.Dave and I were married in 1975, rented in Belmont for 3 years, and then owned a home on George Street in Arlington for 8 years before moving to Columbia, Maryland where we have been for the last 26 years. We have two sons, one a photographer living in Columbia after ten years in New York, and the other a second year resident in emergency medicine at Emory University in Atlanta. We have one young granddaughter ...the joy of our life...with another on the way. We are blessed to have her living nearby and care for her on a regular basis while her parents work.My husband retired last year after many productive years in science, the most recent as director of the NIH HIV/AIDS Reagent Program. I continue to teach part time at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in Baltimore. Shortly after moving to Maryland, I received my Master's degree at the University of Maryland, subsequently worked for school based health centers in the heart of Baltimore City for many years, and started teaching at John Hopkins. My husband and I have enjoyed excellent health and are active in our church community. Quilting, swimming, biking, and reading are among my many interests. Although I have done some travel, especially to St. Vincent and the Grenadines with public health nursing students, the old family cottage on Prince Edward Island remains my vacation spot of choice.

Robert Shoreman

BHS launched me into an unremarkable engineering experience at Northeastern where I continued to be the introverted, socially inept bookworm ( 'nebbish') might be a more accurate description) that I was in high school. Our classmates would be astonished to discover that I enlisted in the U.S. Army during Tet of '68, and after basic, reported to Fort Holabird 's Intelligence Center where I was schooled in the trade-craft. Later, completing the gruelingInfantry OCS program, I was commissioned a 2nd Lt ; earned the silver wings of a paratrooper; and taught Army Rangers how to take long walks in the woods without getting lost prior to being selected to attend Fort Bragg 's elite Special Warfare School. There, at the JFK Institute, and later the Defense Language School, along with counter-insurgency warfare training, I studied Asian cultures, languages, and the geo-political structures of the Far East and Pacific Rim all of which culminated in assignment to Viet Nam as a MACV advisor in Ambassador Colby's infamous CORDS organization. An interesting anecdote: Classmate Dan Voner flying 'front-seat ' was surprised to find me on our base camp pad loaded down with rucksack and ammo waiting for him to pick me up to fly 'back-seat ', or command and control, for a combat air assault in the Mekong Delta. He told the door gunner, "Hey, I went to high school with that guy! " I was equally surprised to see him.After separating from the Army, in the middle 70 's and on into the 80 's I was able to parlay my long, lost technical background with my military experience into positions in the defense industry, primarily devoted to the design, development, and acquisition of electronic warfare systems. During the era of detente, I undertook multiple short-term assignments in the former Soviet Union as well as in the Pacific Rim countries of Japan, The Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan with pit stops at such inglorious Pacific islands as Guam, Wake, and Okinawa. Hawaii, too! All of the work was heavily computer oriented which led to my election first as treasurer, and later as president of the Digital Dealers Association, a trade association representing all of the independent Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) dealers in North America.I left hi-tech industry in deference to my creative side, worked toward and became a Licensed Construction Supervisor and Registered Home Improvement Contractor in the Commonwealth. I designed modern 'island cottages ' based on the airy, open concept of the traditional Hawaiian (sugar) cane plantation house. In the 90's, I once again answered the bell and returned to government service the final four years of which I served as an IRS Revenue Officer in the Advisory group at Jacksonville, FL until retirement at the end of 2010.I am a Past Master of Henry Price Lodge, AF &AM, Boston; past treasurer of John T. Heard Lodge, Ipswich; past Senior Warden of St. Mark 's Lodge, Newburyport; 32nd degree Mason, Massachusetts Consistory, Scottish Rite Bodies; former member Aleppo Shrine.While this is a 'what I’ve done, where I've been ' narrative, I am most proud of my three over-achiever children: Jeff of Marblehead, David of Ipswich, and Amanda Beth of Vero Beach, FL.I currently reside aboard my documented sailing yacht "Luxury Tacks" berthed at the Golden Isles of southeast Georgia and I cruise southern waters and the Atlantic ICW. I am a Commissioner of Deeds for the State of New Hampshire, a Glynn County Election Commission (GA) Poll Officer, and an Enrolled Agent of the Internal Revenue Service.

Annmarie Skelley Carey

Married to David Carey, (BHS '61) and raised three wonderful sons. We lived in Maine for 8 years, and many years in Burlington, Massachusetts. Prior to marrying David, my college education began at Framingham State, but graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Engineering after MITRE decided they could use my talents. We have three wonderful children and three grandchildren, 2 boys and one granddaughter.I was employed at Mitre Corporation, Bedford, forover 23years. My employment there provided me with incredible experiences and opportunities to meet and work with high profile dignitaries in our government as well as foreign government leaders, such a Saudi Arabia and Russia. Managing government projects required frequent travel to DC, as well as to many other states, while working at other government facilities which still are active and crucial to our country's defense programs. I was one of the few who were on board the first aircraft into DC after 9/11, as nerve racking as it was, it provided me a memory of that time which I shall never forget.David and I currently live in Amherst, New Hampshire, a beautiful community, and have many good friends in that area. We also have our Belmont friends, all of whom we cherish. We now divide our time between our children and grandchildren, gardening, cycling, collecting antiques and from time to time travel to interesting new places.We are proud Americans and have led fulfilling and happy lives, looking forward to many more healthy years of experiencing our dreams of a happy, healthy family and the joys of life.

Charles Smart

With the exception of time spent in Cambridge going to college and graduate school (Harvard and MIT), a 31⁄2 year stint serving as an officer in the Navy immediately following college (most of it spent doing two tours in Vietnam), and a two-year experiment living and working in the San Francisco Bay area, I have been a life-long resident of our hometown, Belmont. And Belmont has been very good to me!I married relatively late in life (41), and my wife, Ann, and I have had a great experience raising two children(Caroline, 25 and Jon, 22) in Belmont, sending them all the way through the public schools, and then sending them on to college at Harvard---following in my footsteps. I even founded a software firm, Smart Software, Inc., which specializes in providing advanced supply chain planning solutions for companies in different industries, and of course, it is headquartered in Belmont, as well. Along the way, I volunteered time as a Town Meeting member and as the founding chairman of the town’s Information Technology Advisory Committee (I’m still a member almost 20 years later) as a way to help Belmont during these challenging times for cities and towns in Massachusetts.As I write this bio in the middle of August, I happen to be in San Diego gazing out at the Pacific Ocean from our vacation condo, while visiting my brother and his family (somehow he escaped Belmont for the warmer climes of Southern California). I have semi-retired from my company, and Ann has just retired from her job as a Boston Public School teacher, and both of us are contemplating the next chapter in our lives---just as I expect many of my BHS classmates are doing. I am really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the 50th reunion and saying hello again after all these years.

Susan Smith Jonsburg

BA English Lit, Northeastern University MLA, Johns Hopkins UniversityI've spent the past fifty years learning, working, raising a family and generally finding that life is good, except when it’s not. My first job after college was at the University of Virginia Law Library. Returning to Boston, I taught Middle School, eventually moved to Washington, D.C. where I began a career in Information technology (we called it Computer Systems in those days) working for several private companies, then the World Bank. After my daughter 's birth, I returned to teaching and worked for the Montgomery County School system until I decided toget back to my first love, poetry. Today I'm a wife, mother to two stepsons (Erik and Tom) and a daughter (Karen), grandmother of four of the best kids this side of Betelgeuse, sister (Paul and Patty), friend, and keeper of stories. I'm active in local politics, I write poetry, belong to the Writer's Center in Bethesda, and am a bereavement volunteer with Montgomery Hospice. I still question everything, read and collect books addictively, love to cook, and have a mostly loving relationship with our Irish Water Spaniel, Charlie Bird. Also with my husband, Mike, who comes from Harwichport and Needham (Nobles, Amherst, Babson). We spend as much time as we can at our place on the Cape, which sadly, these days, is not enough. Thus, the polished version of a life, omitting all the glitches, tragedies and joys that have taught me how beautiful life is. Except when it's not.

Mark Spector

After graduating Belmont High I went to Boston University and graduated with a B.S in business in 1966. I went to work in the family business, Hillside Hardware, in 1969. I married Carol Grossman in 1970. We have two sons, Neil, 39 and Scott, 32. We have two gorgeous grandsons, Jordan, 9 and Aaron, 18 months. We love to travel and have gone on numerous cruises

Nancy Tarlin Flescher

It's a rather short story. I left the Belmont school system after the ninth grade; however, since I attended the schools from kindergarten through grade nine, I consider myself a member of the class of 1962. After graduating college, I taught English to junior high students in Boston for two years. Then I moved to the Wellesley Public School system where I remained teaching English to seventh and eighth graders until I retired in 2001. Marriage didn't last that long, though. I have been happily divorced since 1984 and love my life as a retired person.I luxuriate in the free time, reading the paper from beginning to end and just reveling in the freedom that retirement affords. However, I do some tutoring in writing and grammar to keep the teacher part of meactive. Despite not having children of my own, I have been given the honor of being Nana to a grown student's children, so I visit them in Alaska every other summer and do all the things that nanas do. Although I'm based in Wellesley MA, I do a considerable amount of travel, which I enjoy. Otherwise, I'm just a slug.

Ruth Thomasian

I confess! My aim in high school was to get the hell out of River City. Additionally, my twin sister Betsy and I had decided that we needed to separate in order to establish our own identities. I found my escape and separation at Albion College in Michigan, where I majored in History and Elementary Education. After teaching third grade in Monsey, New York, for three years, I moved to New York City and followed my inclinations to find the work I was really supposed to be doing.And I did! Through a combination of fortuitous experiences, which included seeking my ethnic Armenian roots, working at SEVENTEEN magazine, and training in Broadway costume shops with the aim of becoming a full- fledged costume designer, I found what has become my life’s work. In 1975 I began Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, which I incorporated as a nonprofit in Massachusetts in 1985, after returning to the Commonwealth.In 1985 I enrolled in the Simmons College Graduate program of Communications Management and received my Masters degree in 1990. I have made my career as executive director of Project SAVE Archives, now located in Watertown, Massachusetts, where my staff and volunteers make accessible for public use some 35,000+ carefully documented, vintage photographs. We continue our collecting efforts and thus continue to increase our knowledge. Please visit Project SAVE in person at 65 Main Street or virtually at

Elizabeth Thomason

Life keeps getting better. My love for the outdoors has led me along a winding path that includes elementary school teaching, wilderness guiding, and now respiratory therapy, breathing training, and writing. I credit my daily walk, effective breathing, and good old home-cooking with keeping me energized for my active life. When I'm not working I'm gardening, playing the piano, or hiking and skiing with my kids and grandkids in Salt Lake City.

Gail Tosi

My journey after Belmont High School has been mostly exciting, rewarding and happy. I feel fortunate that I can say that. I love to work in my garden, paint, play competitive tennis and bridge, travel and yes, I still love to dance! I married Jim after college. We shared thirty six awesome years together. Sadly, he passed away in 2001. I am blessed to have three terrific daughters and six gorgeous granddaughters. They consistently provide entertainment, joy and love. Luckily, they livenearby and I can spoil them all. I have lived in Manchester-by-the-Sea for the past 37 years. Love living by the ocean in this unique small town. Looking forward to rekindling old friendships and making new ones at our 50th reunion.

Peter Valiante

After Army tour, worked ten years in Germany with Revlon Intl, UMass, then four years with IRS in Wisconsin. Since 1983, CPA in practice in Lebanon NH. Living in Grantham NH with wife Ingrid...One daughter...Semi-retired with more time for XC skiing, motor [and non-motor-] cycling, bridge, etc

Charlotte (Vasil) Westerman

Living & Loving Retirement in the Sunshine State of FloridaIn 1988, my husband and I retired to our beach condo on the ocean in Jupiter, Florida. Since then, my life has revolved around doing volunteer work and participating in local tennis tournaments. I worked as a Guardian Ad Litem (“GAL”) for many years under the Florida “GAL” program, which program appointed me as one of the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Palm Beach County focusing on abused and neglected children. Other associations include: the National Red Cross, the Jupiter MedicalCenter, the Jupiter/Tequesta Garden Club and other like charities.My husband, who is a retired attorney, has lectured and taught law classes at the International Collegewhich allowed us to live in many countries throughout the years.I am fortunate that my daughter lives nearby, and we often share many cups of coffee and good longwalks.My memories of BHS make this a very special reunion for me and I am hoping that my fellow classmateswho live in Florida will consider a mini reunion there in the future, and soon after our big “50” Reunion in October!

Frederick Veres

I'm happy to still be around to be able to make the reunion.Please excuse my delay in replying, I was considering the bio. After some thought, and after having worked for several businesses and worked in multiple countries/continents, I decided that the bio would look more like a book or one of Ms. L Smith's (grade 9 teacher, now high school since our days there) short stories.So to make a long story short, anyone who is still interested will ask, just as I will.

Irene Vernon

I'm loving and living in Royal Palm Beach,Fl. now.......enjoying the sun and many outdoor activities.......boating, golf, bicycling, and lots of walking. Also enjoying my two sons, Darius & Tallis and two sweet granddaughters, Alexa & Alana.I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and was fortunate to open several businesses- i.e. New England Dragway, Mom's Hour Off, Vernon & Sons Sub Shop, and I taught ballet, tap, toe, acrobatics, and ballroom dancing. One of my most fun jobs wasbeing a Playboy Bunny for the Boston Playboy Club...met so many interesting people. My hobbies are interior decorating and painting (keeps my creative juices flowing). Life has been grand.

Daniel Voner

I served twenty nine years in the Army and National Guard, 2 years in Vietnam. We have two children and five grandchildren. I've worked for Digital Equipment Corp and Raytheon Co for the past thirty five years as a corporate pilot, and plan to retire soon.

Debra Whitestone

I live in Concord, with my husband, Bill Joiner, my 22 year old (back home again) son, Noah, and my dear Twizzy, who purrs for me no matter what...So far, retirement eludes me, and I don't see it happening any time soon. Bill and I are co-owners of Changewise, a small consulting and leadership development firm that supports leaders in anticipating, implementing, and leading amidst rapid change. We also do workshops in several countries on Leadership Agility (title of Bill 's book), for executives (both not forprofit and corporate) and executive coaches. Around the edges of work, I enjoy gardening, volunteering at my synagogue, walking around Walden Pond, and whenever possible, lying on Gloucester or Cape Cod beach with a good book..We're fortunate that my mom, (now in Canton, MA) and Bill's dad (in Dallas) are alive and amazingly functional, both at 91.

Elizabeth Wilson Floor

I have three daughters, ages 42, 40 and 37, who all live in New England which makes for many happy visits with them and my six grandchildren.I worked in healthcare until 1995 when I become involved in nonprofit work which includes an inner city school in Boston, Mother Caroline Academy and a school for girls in Rwanda, The Maranyundo School for Girls, as well as a hospital in Haiti. I have loved these projects and remain involved in Rwanda.I live in Belmont--only left for two years! My oldest daughter went to Belmont High where some of our teachers from long ago taught her.

Richard Zigmond

In 1966, I headed off to college from BHS expecting to become a history professor. Now 50 years later, I teach and do research in the neurosciences at a medical school in Cleveland. My switch had everything to do with the professors I happened to have during my freshman year. While I was at college I got interested in the study of animal behavior and chose the graduate school I went to because I knew a professor there was going to study chimpanzee behavior in Africa with Jane Goodall. I was lucky enough to go as his assistant; however, I learnedthere that I didn’t want to spend long periods of time living in the jungle, and that the study of behavior, at least at that time, was too descriptive to suit me. When I got home, I switch into a laboratory that studied brain chemistry and, although I now study the peripheral nervous system, I have stayed in the same general area of research since then. After graduate school, I spent three years working in Cambridge, England, which as a wonderful experience, before returning to the US where I first worked for 14 years at Harvard Medical School and then, in 1989, moved to Case Western Reserve University where I am still on the faculty with no particular interest in retiring. My first marriage did not work out, but I have now been married for 22 years and have an amazing 16 year old son, Ezra, who is going into his junior year in high school and is interested in computer sciences. Working in academic science has allowed me to travel in the US and abroad and to make friends in a variety of countries. I enjoy teaching and doing research, though I don’t particularly enjoy the large amount of time I have to spend raising funds to carry out the research. I have had contact with some of our classmates over the years including Julie Calvert Hill, David Forman, and Bob Andelman, and I am particularly saddened at our loss of David. Who would have guessed in high school that he would become a Rabbi? Importantly, he did pioneering work in Israel starting and leading a group called Rabbis for Human Rights, which I now actively support. I look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion.

Robert Zolner

From Robert’s daughter, Angela Tuel:I live with my father, Robert Zolner, who is a widower. Regretfully, he will not be attending the reunion. He has been a self-employed accountant since 1979. He is an avid Boston sports fan, who enjoys going to the games as well as watching them on TV. He likes to travel to Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, and Orlando, FL. He also enjoys deep sea fishing, playing poker and craps, betting on dog racing, and he runs a men’s candlepin bowling league.